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Group Meditation


Join our online meditation sessions with daily offerings to guided meditation and wisdom talks with top teaching monks and experienced  meditation trainers from our US Dhammakaya Centers!

Meditation refers to stopping one’s mind. An unrest mind is a weak mind. When a mind is at rest, it becomes powerful, like how a focus of sunlight can ignite a flame. Meditation is for humans of all nationalities, languages, genders and generations. Everyone can meditate.

Meditation should be practiced regularly. It should be treated like a necessary and important activity in life. When you do so, you would face with happiness and success in life. When you are the center of happiness, peace would be expanded to others in your family, society, country, and eventually creating world peace

MindGem App

In addition to learning and engaging with top teaching monks from our various centers, you can also utilize our meditation app and meditate at your convenience! Download our app today!


"Unlocking the door of ancient wisdom for modern times"

The mind can be compared to an ocean, and momentary mental events such as happiness, irritation, fantasies, and boredom to the waves that rise and fall on its surface. Just as the waves can subside to reveal the stillness of the ocean's depths, so too is it possible to calm the turbulence of our mind to reveal its natural clarity. The ability to do this lies within the mind itself and the key to the mind is meditation.



Weekly Meditation Classes at our various US centers click on locations for the nearest center to you! 

Monthly Full Moon Mediation Session, join hundreds of people to meditate under the same moon, click on events for next class and login via


Meeting ID : 97011922337


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