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About Us: Dhammakaya Foundation is made-up of centers located around the world, with the goal of promoting inner peace through meditation. Each center is staffed with qualified teachers of meditation made-up of ordained Buddhist monks, staff members, and committed volunteers who have been trained in the meditation method. This central website/blog has been created for people to learn more about this ancient art with members throughout the country to share their experiences on their journey, inspiring others to learn to commit to the practice. The founder of the Dhammakaya Foundation, Venerable Dhammajayo, is the Abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya — Thailand, his vision of "World Peace, Through Inner Peace" begins with You!


No matter how delicious we try to make meditation sound in order to tempt you into meditating, this is a fruit that is meant to be eaten and not just described. In the end, it is not for anyone else but you yourself. Meditation removes the blindfold, the darkness that covers our eyes from the truth. Meditation generates the inner light that gives us vision to see just what is really happening around us.

When you attain true bliss and happiness inside yourself through meditation, you will feel so overwhelmed with joy that you will not be able to adequately find words to describe it. No one can do this for you, you have to attain it yourself in order to understand how it feels. When you eat a chili, for example, others may ask you how it tastes, but you can only tell them that it is spicy. They do not really know what spicy means until they try it for themselves. Thus, you cannot describe inner happiness to others. You cannot attain inner peace for others and others cannot attain it for you. This is the truth of life. You must do it for yourself. Embrace the simple relaxed meditation technique that can be used by people of all faiths, regardless of nationality or race to attain inner happiness.

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